Dustland Fairytale
Every single photo in here is something I love; I want do every single one of these things some day. favorite movies: mean girls. harry potter. 500 days of summer. ferris buellers day off. breakfast club. 16 candles cus of jake ryan. a series of unfortunate events. inception. 10 thing i hate about you. pochahontas. mulan. BATman. spider man. v for vendetta. angus thongs. waking neds divine.timer. clockwork orange. the graduate. prestige. the sound of music. ALL FILMS CHRISTIAN COPPOLA. good will hunting and tons more. BANDS: the killers. the beatles. SEASTROKE check em out. the stokes. the bravery. the who. Artic monkeys love emm!!!! sting. the red hot chilli peppers. nirvana. queen. Electric light orchastra. Franz Ferdinanda. phoenix. the shins. REM. Billy Joel. air review. vamps. velvet u. sound of music. sweeny todd. cat stevens. don mclean. Elton jonh. JACK johnson. men at work. muse. neil young. the police. talking heads. weezer. the kinks. naked and famous. foster the people. st vincent. (i touched her) kings of convience. the velvet underground. the like. TV:how i met your mother. Seinfeld every episode seen. gossip girl. chuck. pretty little lairs. friends. ER. glee. Malcom in the middle. this week with george. arthur. cyberchase. seesame street. FREAKS AND GEEKS. That 70's show. the office. 30 rock. vampire diares. ugly betty. greys anatomy. community. parks and rec. Lizzie Maguire. the big comfy couch. bOY MEETS WORLD! VMars. books: the perks of being a wall flower, the giving tree, the giver, any lois lowery's, Harry potter of course, a series of unfortunate events, magic tree house. lost sheep

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